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A new parent for the second time

4 days ago, my second child was born.

Dror, my first Son, stepped out into the ring, weighing 3.255 KG.

In the first pregnancy period, Every little things was exciting. every check-up, every ultra-sound, etc.

The second time around, let’s face it. you are less excited.

You come to some of the check-ups, you are less attentive to your wife needs, it’s “another pregnancy”…

Well… I thought the birth process itself would also be less exciting, but… when I saw my kid and the tears came out I realized I was wrong.

Yesterday, I’ve put both my kids to sleep. I have to say that passing between the two rooms and realizing I now have two kids was a real empowering feeling.

Well… sleepless nights… here we come… πŸ™‚

Why do today what you can do tomorrow? (Procrastination)

β€œNever put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” ― Mark Twain

Procrastination – “…the act of replacing high-priority actions with tasks of lower priority, or doing something from which one derives enjoyment, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time.”

Yep, almost all of us do it from time to time.

It could be that homework assignment you should have started a month ago, the room you haven’t tided up since you moved to your apartment or The workout plan you promised you will start the next week…

Almost all of us have some “high priority” things we know we “have to” but avoid doing it “now” πŸ™‚

We build a to-do list, knowing that some of the items will never get done. they will keep nibbling at our conscience, but we will never find the time to do them.

This of course leads to a feeling of dissatisfaction. “why can’t I get it done?”.

so… why does it happen?

Most of us enjoy setting a list of Goals\Tasks. This gives us a feeling of satisfaction from accomplishments and progress.

But… we have limited resources… time…

So, we end up with a big list which needs priorities. More enjoyable stuff will take less time due to their nature, causing less enjoyable stuff to be postponed. This is the basic human nature.

Cleaning up the list is not a simple task πŸ™‚

Same as in any addiction, the first step is to admit we are procrastinating. It is not a definition of what we are but of what we are doing. it is not a genetic issue but rather a learned behavior, so as any other habit we can learn to avoid it.

My tips would be:

  • Don’t define goals which are not reasonable. You should either give it sufficient time to begin with or admit it cannot be done.


  • When something can be done right now, just do it. It’s amazing how a simple task can grow branches when it gets delayed.


  • Set a dedicated slot in your Weekly\Daily routine for cleaning up your list of tasks. figuring how much time you ACTUALLY have will help you in defining what you really can and can’t do.


  • When something gets delayed for a very long time, it’s probably time to say goodbye, Unless it got new priorities. the fact it was not prioritized till now means it should probably be left alone.


Some interesting reads:


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Why wouldn’t it work in Israel

The Good Stuff…

Yes, we Israelis pride ourselves of being warm and helping each others everywhere on the globe.

we are also highly initiative and will always find the best deals there are.

Alas, this is also the reason why some things can never work in our country…

Whose Turn is It?

I just came back from driving more than 2,000 KM around California and Nevada.

I found out there are some rules in the US that are different from what I was used to.

  • Right of way in junctions with no traffic lights – in Israel, when you get to a junction with no traffic lights, the right of way is given to the car arriving from the right side of you. In traffic circles, it’s the car on your left… In the US, if you get to a junction in which everyone has a stop sign, the right of way is given to the first car who arrived at the junction! yep, it sounds weird at first, but it works.
  • Turning right on a red light – unless specified otherwise, when you get to a right turn and the light is red, it functions as a stop sign. meaning, you can make the turn on the red light just as long as you stop at the junction before.
  • Green light for two intersecting lanes – sounds weird but there are junctions in which the left turning lane and the opposing straight lane have green light at the same time. in which case, the left turning lane must wait for the junction to be clear before turning left. this was a near accident experience to me when I first got to LA :).

I did loose a psychic ability though…

in Israel, you have a psychic ability allowing you to control another driver. if you need to change to a left lane in order to pass a car and there is currently another car on the left lane, far behind you, you just need to hit the signal and you can make the other car driver speed up, trying to make its best not to let you pass.

Another weird thing was when I missed the light turning from red to green and I got delayed for 3 seconds, thinking about something else. nobody blew their horn, that was really weird…

Of course, none of these would work in Israel since they require some basic patience.

Apples anyone?

When I was hitch-hiking around in New Zealand, I came across many road-stands with fruits for sale. the stands were packed with all kinds of fruits in different bag sizes and the price was indicated on each bag. there was a metal mail-box style box in which you placed the payment. You just had to pick your bag, place the amount in the box and move on. No, there was nobody watching the place. no camera, no personal, nothing… just your integrity… my first impression was – are they mad? what prevents people from just picking up a bag and moving on?

Several nature reserves and parks along the US have explanatory pamphlets at the entrance, like the amazing Mariposa Grove. the pamphlets can be picked up independently while the sign next to it just indicates that a donation of a quarter or two quarters are requested.

The same thing happened in several gas stations, in which you pumped your own gas, read the amount on the meter and then entered the store to pay the bill…

Your table is ready

In the US, some restaurants have a long waiting list. this forms a big line of people waiting outside the restaurant waiting to be called. but what if you want to go for a short walk in the meantime? get something from your car? there is a chance you will miss your turn…

So, when you register, you’ll get a small table pager transmitter that will indicate that your table is ready.

I would love to see it here, but I am pretty sure some or most of these transmitters will not be returned to the restaurants πŸ™

Just buy the cup

Everyone is aware of the fast food refill policy. just buy the cup and feel free to refill. this is of course part of the reason for obesity in the US. (The big cap gets up to 1.2 Litters and more !!!).

Israelis would probably ask – why should I buy several cups for our table, let’s just buy one, it’s a refill… we could all enjoy the cup…

This is just a short list, sadly there are many more examples of this kind…

could this change? could we be more patient and trusting?

I hope so…

Sorry, we are only hiring #487

A Pessimistic prophecy by an Optimistic guy πŸ™‚

Back in the old days…

when a boy wanted to find his match, he would go on dates, see if there’s a match and then decide if he wants to move on…

Today, we have all kind of “dating” sites which allows us to filter out people we will meet up with by easily clicking on some filter options:

Is he a smoker? religious? what’s his age range? and so on…

On another issue, many sites today try to personalize your experience. recommend things based on your prior purchases (“People who bought this cat hairbrush also bought the amazing foot massage machine“), post adds based on your searches, etc.

Why are these two things related?Β  Categorizing people.

Yep, It is a lot easier to categorize people. we all know it. it saves time and effort and a lot of inconveniences.

We do it all the time, whether consciously or not. but why?

There are hundreds of assays written on this matter, for example The psychology of prejudice. And there are even guides on How to categories personalities.

Basically, it comes down to this – It’s easier, a lot easier!

We feel insecure when confronted with someone we don’t know. We don’t understand how he thinks, what he likes, etc. so, we try to categorize him since that will allow us to “know” him much quicker, right?

So, I would meet the love of my life since he passed a filter saying he is “semi-religious, likes long hikes…”, and if a person bought something, we can probably guess what he’ll need next since we are all so predictable and simple to understand. there is probably some good mathematical formula that explains us. and if it is not the case and our engine failed to find a match, this just means we need to adjust the formula.


The way these things are going, we can pretty much assume that, as technology and math advances, each person can comply to a formula and even a number. yes, a number…

For the sake of argument, let’s say we can all be mapped to 1,000 types of personalities. wouldn’t that be simpler? Think about it…

The dating ads\engines will just say “#576 looking for #876 OR #324”.

HR people will not have to go as far as to advertise all job requirements, they’ll just be looking for numbers…

Is it that far fetched? hmm….

Now, why do I need a Blog?

“Seriously now, why do you need a blog?
Nowadays, when you’ve got Facebook and Twitter, you have enough platforms to express yourself.”

Let’s face it. they’re popular, easy to use and requires no actual investment for posting or communicating any content you might want or need. you can login at any time, scrabble a few words, hit the publish or tweet button and… move on.

You can even go as far as compare it to relationships.

If you had the choice to have a relationship that requires no actual commitment, that can be maintained very easily by just “tweeting” it from time to time, wouldn’t that be more easier?

(At this point I am pretty sure most of you guys say: “Fuck yeah”).

Well. I don’t. I lose interest πŸ™‚ very quickly.

I don’t have any sentiments for either Facebook nor Twitter since I didn’t find myselfΒ  spending any of my time there.

Sure, I check out on some people’s statuses from time to time, but I hardly post stuff about myself.

I did not find my “unique voice” in those platforms. too many posts, too much noise, I couldn’t find my place there.

When I did post anything there, it just got swept away in the sea of other messages…

It was easy, too easy to just scrabble something up and move on…

“But maintaining a blog requires actual investment!

All the more reason to do it. I love the challenge.

I love the fact you have to sit down and think about what you want to write.

So… I’ll Blog πŸ™‚