Jobs Diversity

Diversity. that’s what it is all about…

Most people I know worked in maybe two, sometimes three different jobs.

In the IT , most of the people started programming in high school, a lot of them even programmed in their military service and continued so till today.

There have been occasions in which I came across people who originated from other expertise fields such as Video photographers,  Renovation contractors and even Electricians.

I started working at the age of 16 or so.

My first actual job was as member of a stage crew, setting up sound and light system for different stages. Small rock concerts, high school graduation events and so on… I did it for around a year and a half or so. I got to see a lot of interesting events and learned a lot of technical stuff regarding sound systems.

After that I went to the army for a couple of years.

Finishing the army I went to a trip abroad for almost a year. During the trip I worked a while in apple and peach picking. It was pretty hard, waking up at 5:30 every morning, starting picking at 6:30-7:00 till 18:00 in the evening. I think the prodigy music I heard while picking was what kept me going 🙂

During my trip hitch-hiking, I came across a 70 year old farmer who told me he held 35 different positions in his lifetime! during a two hours ride he described each and every one of them, roaming between a circus clown and an architect, finally resulting in being a farmer.

I remember thinking to myself: “that sound like a truly fulfilling life”.

After I returned, I started working as a school’s scheduler planner. I did that every summer for 6 years after. I got acquainted with the educational system a bit and felt like I was solving puzzles all the time. It was a very challenging job. I estimate I worked with around 130 different schools in these years and scheduled around 300 schedules.

After that, I worked a bit as a waiter in a small Italian restaurant. Learned a bit about Italian food, wine, and ate a lot of pasta!

Next job was in Sales in a Telemarketing company. I worked about half a year there and got some experience at costumer service and Sales. Eventually, I felt as if I could sell any crap to anyone and that felt wrong, so I moved on…

Next was at a security company. I worked both as a Security officer and as a guard. I mostly worked nights and studied during the day. It was a very stressful period which lasted around a year and a half.

My next job was in a security alarm center, monitoring alarms in shops and houses. I sat in front of two monitors, each displaying between 20-40 lines of alarms from which I had to figure out which one was an actual burglary and which were just bad detectors. Notifying the police on a wrong alarm would have resulted in a fine!

Later on I moved to Beer-Sheva to study computer science. Since I was a film editor (self taught) and a cinema fan, I found a job in the university cinema, screening movies on film. I think one of the most exciting moment I still remember was screening cinema paradiso, a movie about a projectionist…

I worked as a projectionist for two years, a period in which I saw a lot of movies

After that, I started working as a student and later on as a full time job in software engineering and been here ever since.

I think every job I worked on the way taught me something and It helps me get some perspective on my day to day routine. I feel lucky for that

Yep, Diversity is what it is all about…

2 thoughts on “Jobs Diversity

  1. ripper234

    Nice, we learn new things about you every day 🙂 Still, I think that if you “fall in love” with a specific job or at least field, that’s even more lucky. I’ve been in loving with software for a long time, and while I pondered doing other stuff, I just enjoy what I do far too much to switch.

    Being diverse is cool, but still I wish for you to find this kind of lasting satisfaction in one field.

  2. nizan Post author

    I totaly agree! I love my current field.
    however, I got the chance to choose it among other fields and for that I am lucky 🙂
    Perspective is important in life


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