Sorry, we are only hiring #487

A Pessimistic prophecy by an Optimistic guy 🙂

Back in the old days…

when a boy wanted to find his match, he would go on dates, see if there’s a match and then decide if he wants to move on…

Today, we have all kind of “dating” sites which allows us to filter out people we will meet up with by easily clicking on some filter options:

Is he a smoker? religious? what’s his age range? and so on…

On another issue, many sites today try to personalize your experience. recommend things based on your prior purchases (“People who bought this cat hairbrush also bought the amazing foot massage machine“), post adds based on your searches, etc.

Why are these two things related?  Categorizing people.

Yep, It is a lot easier to categorize people. we all know it. it saves time and effort and a lot of inconveniences.

We do it all the time, whether consciously or not. but why?

There are hundreds of assays written on this matter, for example The psychology of prejudice. And there are even guides on How to categories personalities.

Basically, it comes down to this – It’s easier, a lot easier!

We feel insecure when confronted with someone we don’t know. We don’t understand how he thinks, what he likes, etc. so, we try to categorize him since that will allow us to “know” him much quicker, right?

So, I would meet the love of my life since he passed a filter saying he is “semi-religious, likes long hikes…”, and if a person bought something, we can probably guess what he’ll need next since we are all so predictable and simple to understand. there is probably some good mathematical formula that explains us. and if it is not the case and our engine failed to find a match, this just means we need to adjust the formula.


The way these things are going, we can pretty much assume that, as technology and math advances, each person can comply to a formula and even a number. yes, a number…

For the sake of argument, let’s say we can all be mapped to 1,000 types of personalities. wouldn’t that be simpler? Think about it…

The dating ads\engines will just say “#576 looking for #876 OR #324”.

HR people will not have to go as far as to advertise all job requirements, they’ll just be looking for numbers…

Is it that far fetched? hmm….

2 thoughts on “Sorry, we are only hiring #487

  1. orly

    אז ברוח הדברים אני בחרתי את מספר 118 –
    גבר מוכשר, עינייים בצבע של ים, וכותב אחלה של פוסטים,
    אה…וגם השם שלו ניצן הופיע במסגרת הגדרת 118

    ועכשיו אני, 99, שותה קפה בבית קפה וחושבת על ה412 הטמבל
    שיושב ליד ומביא בראש, כי כאלה הם 412 – דברנים, מעצבנים ויורקים פרורים על הסביבה


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