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A new parent for the second time

4 days ago, my second child was born.

Dror, my first Son, stepped out into the ring, weighing 3.255 KG.

In the first pregnancy period, Every little things was exciting. every check-up, every ultra-sound, etc.

The second time around, let’s face it. you are less excited.

You come to some of the check-ups, you are less attentive to your wife needs, it’s “another pregnancy”…

Well… I thought the birth process itself would also be less exciting, but… when I saw my kid and the tears came out I realized I was wrong.

Yesterday, I’ve put both my kids to sleep. I have to say that passing between the two rooms and realizing I now have two kids was a real empowering feeling.

Well… sleepless nights… here we come… 🙂