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Back to Speaking

Starting tomorrow, I am starting to talk again.

For those of you who have not yet done so, I suggest you first read my previous post “Talk, Talk and Talk”.

After two weeks of silence, two weeks of scrabbling on papers and having notepad as my best friend, I would finally be welcomed back to society. back to the “normal” people. those who communicate verbally.

I have to admit, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. a lot. and it got harder every day.


I can’t pinpoint to a single thing that explains it. it’s, as in many cases, a combination…

I would always walk around with some way of writing. either a pocket notebook or my cell phone. there were occasions in which a simple hand or head signal would suffice but that was very limiting.

I avoided complicated tasks. even ordering food at a coffee shop or a restaurant would end up in me pointing on the menu like my baby daughter, only she could say “this”.

I hardly met up with friends since I felt it would be a bit awkward. When I did meet up with some friends I found out I was wrong. it was VERY awkward and frustrating. I guess it depends on the type of person you are, but the most common frustrating feeling was felt anytime a subject was raised on which I had something to say.

If any of you ever traveled alone somewhere, discovered amazing places or experienced new things and felt the need to share and suddenly realized you have no one to share it with, that’s the feeling. but mostly intellectually. Basic feeling could still be signaled using facial expressions. but thoughts….. nope.

I chatted all the time. Gmail, Skype, Facebook… it’s amazing how many people are available almost all day long on all these platforms. after a while my friends figured, “why should we chat” so we started phone-chatting. they would phone, I would write. this was weird. first of all, every time any of them phoned they’d start be saying: “hello?”, waiting for my answer. 5 seconds after they would go “hmmm… right…”. the chat editor looked funny since it only showed my side of the conversation.

All of you, speakers out there, listen up….

We, the non speakers sometimes need more time to communicate, so patience…

I’ve improved my mime skills a lot and discovered how important it is for the other person to repeat verbally on what he understood. I came across many occasions on which the other sided nodded intensively only to find out later on he did not understand me at all.

On one end, I did enjoy the silence. on the other, it freaked me out sometimes. there’s the notion that you should think twice before saying some things? well… I had the chance to think about it more.

I would suggest to all of you to try it for a day or two. you would come to notice how commonly without thinking you speak and learn to appreciate this ability a bit more.