Talk, Talk and Talk!

Trust me, you don’t appreciate this ability enough!

A few years ago, I broke my leg in a stupid accident. I had to walk with a cast on for a month. suddenly, everywhere I went was missing an elevator. everything was stairs, stairs, stairs.

A week ago, I’ve undergone an operation in my vocal cord after which I was not allowed to speak at all for two weeks. Sure, I thought to myself, it will be an extended vipassana, no problem, I can do it. what I forgot is that I am doing it alone, trying to continue a normal routine with my wife and baby daughter.

It started off pretty easy, the first 3-4 days went by quickly, my cell phone mode switched from phone calls to text messages mode and My wife became my main spokeswoman.

Terrorist attack

On the fifth day I went shopping. as in any shopping center in Israel, as I was pulling in with my car, the guard stopped me for a routine check to see if everything is OK.

how are you doing?”, he asked.

And I started waving my hands signaling I cannot talk.

is everything OK?”, he continued.

I did what I could which is node with my head.

Seeing I’m a nice and harmless guy… he pulled me over and thoroughly checked my car.

The conclusion was clear – I should have shaved that morning!

One pizza – coming up!

The other frustrating encounter I had was at the end of the week. I was home alone, my wife went away to her parents and I decided I’ll order a pizza. pretty simple task, right?

well, I made my order through the internet and watched television waiting for my order. an hour passed. well, it gets delayed sometimes, so I waited…

Another 40 minutes passed and I was starting to feel frustrated. I can’t even call and ask them what’s up! what can I do?

So, I texted my wife with the phone number of the pizza branch and all details. she called me back and said they are sorry and it will be ready soon. 10 minutes after I received a phone call from the pizza branch, but I couldn’t answer my phone! so, I texted my wife again telling her to contact them. apparently they were not sure about the address.

well… 2.5 hours after I originally ordered, I finally got my pizza. it was a horrible pizza on top of all.

I’ve got one week to go…

5 thoughts on “Talk, Talk and Talk!

  1. Avish

    It’s the little things that make it hard. But as I know you, you’ll go through anything and come out the other side smiling and ready for the next challenge. Keep sharing what it’s like, it’s not common to get the opportunity to be mute for two weeks so you might as well share the experience.

  2. Orly

    טוב, נו….
    רק שלא תחשבו שאני כלבה.
    אז זה נכון שאני ממש פוצי-מוצי בשבוע האחרון, מנשקת, תומכת, מנקה לחתולה את הקקי, ומוציאה את הכלב לדיסקו של השכונה.
    אבל רבותי הנשים!
    שימו לב. זוהי זכות גדולה עבורנו לקבל בעל אילם לשבועיים, אכן מתנה אמיתית
    והלוואי וההוא שם למעלה באשר הוא ושמו היה מייצר את הגברים
    מפותחים…מוציאי זבל וכן,
    ואז הינו יכולות להביא בראש ללא היסוס ועם חיוך
    אשריי המאמין.

  3. ripper234

    Thanks for sharing. Regarding pizza, if you ordered via 10bis, you could just chat online with their support – no talking required…

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